When none of the tags that are automatically created applies to the group you wanted to create or to an eForm you wanted to send out, and other filters will not fit, you can use Manual Tags

The instructions below will walk you through on how to create a group and assign eForms based on the manual tag you applied to profiles. 


1. Click on Add under the Group section.

2. Enter the name of the group you're creating and select Filtered Members (Smart Group)

3. Double click on Manual Tags.

NOTE: To know more how to add Manual Tags, please see this article.

4. Tick the tag you needed and save it. On this example, I wanted to group the School Captains.

4. When you click on Save, you'll be prompted as to how many profiles will be included in the group.


1. Click on Add under the eForm section.

2. Select how you want to start with your eForm. For this example, we will choose Start from a blank eForm.

3. Under Member Selection, choose Filtered Members (Smart Group) and double click on Manual tags.

4. When you click on Save, it'll tell how many profiles will be assigned to the eForm.


  • You can select as many of the options available on this filter. Note that you must tick the Profiles must have ALL these attributes box if needed (if unchecked, a profile can match any of these attributes)
  • The Group list and eForm recipients will be updated automatically. 

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