Administrators can now easily create groups and/or assign eForms based on the information entered on a profile. This filter is made to automatically update a group or assign an eForm without having to go back to do all these actions manually. Below are the steps on how to do both in creating groups and assigning eForm.


1. Click on Add under the Group section.

2. Enter the name of the group you're creating and select Filtered Members (Smart Group).

3. Double click on Request.

4. Select from the options below on how you want to filter the group you are creating. On this example, I will select does not have a profile.

5. Pick your preferred group color. 

6. When you click on Save, you will be prompted of how many profiles will be included in the group. See example below:

7. Confirm the profiles included in the group you created by clicking on its title. 


1. Click on Add under the eForm section.

2. Select how you want to start with your eForm.

3. Under Member Selection, choose Filtered Members (Smart eForm) and double click on Request.

4. Select which filter to use. On this example, I will be assigning this eForm to those who already completed the profiles. 

5. When you click it will prompt you how many profiles will be assigned to the eForm. See example below: 


  • You can select as many of the options available on this filter. Note that you must tick the Profiles must have ALL these tags box if needed. 
  • The group list and eForm recipients will be updated automatically. 
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