When the member (i.e. students, club members, participants, employees, etc.) leaves the organisation (school, club, business, etc.), the administrator deletes the profile from the group account and this removes access from all people from the organisation with view access of the profile. This does not delete the care profile from your account. You still control the care profile and can continue to use it and share it with other trusted individuals or groups.

You can also manually delete the access of the organisation to the profile yourself by doing the steps below.

Step 1. Log in to your account and click on the name of the profile.

Step 2. Click the trash icon in the Sharing section.

Step 3. Click Delete in the confirmation window that will pop-up.

: If you continue to receive email reminders from the organisation, kindly get in touch with organisation's CareMonkey administrator and ask him/her to remove the profile from their end. The system will keep on sending email reminders if the profile is still existing in the organisation's CareMonkey account.

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