SAML Integration is part of the CareMonkey Premium Edition. Please contact your support representative to have it enabled before attempting the following process.

Setting up a SAML integration is the same process as setting up any other SAML app provider. This allows parents to log in to CareMonkey with the same login credentials as a parent portal eg. One Login.

  1. Go to CareMonkey Settings > Integrations > SAML.
  2. In your SAML provider, create a new app. Use the Identity URL and ACS URL provided on the CareMonkey Settings page.
  3. Paste the IDP MetaData from the SAML Provider into the text area on CareMonkey and Save
  4. If necessary, navigate to the CareMonkey Identity URL, and Copy-Paste the IDP Metadata into the necessary place on the SAML provider.
  5. Everything should now be setup and you can use the provided Login Link to access CareMonkey's SAML integration.

NOTE: Organisations may enable the CareMonkey SAML Integration for Staff Members but please be aware that the Staff Members own their accounts and not the Organisation. Staff Members can still login to CareMonkey directly, even if their accounts are disabled from the Organisation's SSO. However, a CareMonkey Administrator can remove a Staff Member's access to any groups anytime. 

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