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CareMonkey is a is a web and mobile platform for automating forms, medical records, online payments, incident reporting and approval processes. It makes important information instantly available to authorised staff via computers, smartphones and tablets so they know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency. 

In preparation for the installation, you'll need the following information:

Profile Data

You'll be uploading a spreadsheet of people you want to collect information about and send forms to. Click here to view the data required and download the sample Profile spreadsheet. 

Profile Photos
It is recommended for you to upload a photo for each profile at the time of implementation. If the photos are not available during the time of implementation, you can always refer to Step 5 of this article on how to add the photos later. If you don't have photos, the Profile Owner will be able to upload their own.

Organisation Logo

You'll upload the organisation's logo into CareMonkey. A .jpeg format is preferable. This is the logo all users will see on email correspondence that comes from the CareMonkey system.

Staff Data

Staff need access to various groups of people they are responsible for. By uploading a spreadsheet of Staff, the system will create a 'Staff Request' for each staff member. Click here to view the data required and download the sample Staff spreadsheet.

When you've got this data, you're ready to go...


Step 1: Registration

Click here for instructions to create your account.

Step 2: Organisation Settings

A. General Settings

Click here for instructions to: 

  • Customise the email signature that will be used by the system
  • Authorise staff members to send SMS and/or create eForms

B. Upload organisation's logo

Click here for instructions.

C. Email/Notification Settings

Click the following for instructions to: 

D. Add Administrators

Organisations can have multiple administrators to help them manage the account. Click here for instructions.

E. Medical Profile Settings

A standard profile looks like this.

Click here for instructions to:

  • Select who will receive profile request invite
  • How frequent profiles should be updated
  • Select/deselect questions from Emergency Information
  • Require action plans

Step 3: Add Profiles

Upload your Profile spreadsheet by following these instructions. 

Add Profiles manually by following these instructions.

Note: If you are exporting data from another system to populate the spreadsheet, you can re-run the upload regularly. The system will only import new Profiles and this will keep CareMonkey in sync with the other system.

Step 4: Remove Duplicate Profiles

Check if there are any duplicates and remove them by following these instructions.

Step 5: Import Photos

If you have them, adding a photo to the profiles makes it easier to identify the person and provides a better experience for users.  Click here for instructions to add photos. 

Step 6: Add Staff

Upload your Staff spreadsheet by following these instructions.

Add Staff manually by following these instructions.

Note: If you are exporting data from another system to populate the spreadsheet, you can re-run the upload regularly. The system will only import new Staff and this will keep CareMonkey in sync with the other system.

Step 7: Add Groups

You may have created Groups automatically if you had them in your Profile and/or Staff spreadsheets. You can also add Groups manually and assign Profiles to them by following these instructions.

Step 8: Give Staff access to Groups and eForms

Staff members are granted access to Groups so they can view the people they are responsible for. You may have assigned Staff to Groups in your spreadsheet but you can also add Staff to Groups manually by following these instructions.

Step 9: Set Administrator Notification Settings

Each Administrator should set the frequency they wish to receive email notifications regarding certain changes to data. Click here to view the options.

Step 10: 'GO LIVE' - Enabling Messaging

Recommendations before going live: 

  1. It is HIGHLY recommended that your organisation sends out communication introducing CareMonkey to all new potential users of the system several days BEFORE going live. This way, users will be expecting an email invitation from the CareMonkey system and respond accordingly.  There are templates here that can be copied/edited that explain to your users why you are using CareMonkey and the benefits for them.
  2. We recommend that the first form sent to users is a simple form. For example, a media consent form asking permission for a child's image to be used on a school website, facebook page, or for other purposes. This will give users a very fast and easy first experience with the system. Ensure the medical form 'Member Selection' is set to 'Drag and Drop' and students are not manually dropped into the medical form. The medical form is a very comprehensive and useful form that we recommend collecting after the first user experience. 

 The CareMonkey system does not send any emails to Care Profile Owners or Staff until the messaging system has been enabled.

The system will only start sending out the emails to profile owners if the "Messaging for Students/Participants eForms" is enabled (please see this article on how to do this) and one of the following conditions is met.

1.The "Member Selection" of the "Medical" form is set to "All Members". Please refer to this article (item #1). 

• By default, the Medical form is set to "Drag and Drop". Emails won't get sent out until this has been changed to other settings (All Members or Linked to Groups or Filtered Members) or the profile been added to the "Medical" form directly using drag and drop.
• If the "Linked to Groups (Smart Group)" is selected, the profile needs to be added in the specific group.

2. An eForm requiring a care profile has been sent for the student/participant. 

CareMonkey will also send an email notifications to staff members when the administrator assigns them on groups or eForms. To enable the messaging for staff, please refer to this article and click "Enable messaging for Staff eForms" and "Enable messaging for Staff assignments".

There are many other features to explore including:

Video Tutorials and Support Help Lines 

Video Tutorials
Training videos can be found on CareMonkey Training page: 


For any assistance in carrying out your implementation, please contact one of our friendly support team members at, chat with us via our Live Chat tool (can be found on the lower right side of CareMonkey pages) or call the following numbers:

  • Australia: +61 3 8566 7727
  • New Zealand: +64 9 888 0592
  • United States: +1 424 219 7150
  • United Kingdom: +44 808 164 1031

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