Advice and answers from the CareMonkey Team

As a new CareMonkey Administrator user, you will have to register your organisation to start setting it up.

1. Please use the appropriate registration link based on your location: 

2. A similar window will appear. Fill out the necessary information on the sign-up page, tick the box for the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then click on the Sign Up button.

3. A verification email will be sent to your email account. Click the Validate my email address button to complete the verification.

4. You’ll see the image below confirming that the account has already been validated. Type in your password to continue logging in to your account.

5. After clicking the Sign In button, click the Administrator for XYZ (where XYZ is the name of the organisation). 

6. After clicking that button, you will see a page similar to below. 


  • The owner of the account or organisation should be the first one to register. The owner of the account will have the power to grant and remove other administrators. 
  • Upon completing the registration and logging in as the administrator, you will notice that the account is a "Trial" account only and will expire after 30 days. Kindly reach out to to convert it to a "paid" account. Make sure to indicate the following details in your email: 

             1. Organisation's name
             2. Account owner's name
             3. Account owner's email address
             4. Number of members or participants

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