There are three ways to get into the Reports page:

  1. By hovering your mouse over the group icon and click the menu icon. Choose View/Edit Group Details. For eForms, Click on the three horizontal lines icon.

2. Go to Reports/Archives and then choose Generate report.

3. Selecting profiles by clicking on the photos (selected Profiles are highlighted in Green) and choosing Report for Selected Profiles from the Actions drop-down.

The first column let you filter the report based on Profiles, Medical Conditions, and Injuries. The second column let you choose the name of the members (i.e. students, club members, participants, employees, etc.). The third column lets you choose the style of report you'd like to generate. For the example below, I've filtered Henry Ford's profile and got his Profile Details.

After filtering the reports and clicking Display, a report similar to the one below will be generated.

Note: To print a report, right click anywhere on the screen and select Print or press ctrl + P (or cmd + P on a Mac) on your keyboard.

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