CareMonkey's Payment feature allows the administrators to collect payments from Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) for multiple items. Care profile owners can choose one or more items from the options. They also have an option not to purchase anything.

A few examples:

  • School asks the parents to buy hoodies and give them an option to purchase more than one hoody. 
  • Club asks their members to purchase tickets for an event and give them an option to buy multiple tickets.
  • Company asks their employees to choose which training seminars the prefer to attend and send the payment through CareMonkey.

Collecting payments can be done by creating an eForm and using the "Payment" question. Please check this article on how to create an eForm. 

In order for the administrators to allow the Care Profile Owners to send payment for purchasing multiple items, multiple "Payment" questions should be added in the eForm. For the example below, the administrator is giving the option for the Care Profile owners to purchase maximum of three tickets.

The Care Profile Owners can pay the organisation based on how many items they want to purchase. For this example, it will be a maximum of three tickets. When they log in to their account, they will see a notification similar to the one below.

When they click the Respond button, they can choose to purchase one, two, or three tickets, or not to purchase anything. 

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