Push Notifications are now available on all devices that CareMonkey supports (Windows, iOS, Android).

What this means, is that you can now send a notification to a users mobile device without having to send an Email or SMS.

Please note Admins, that SMS is always a much more reliable method for reaching users in an emergency, as they're not dependent on the user having a smart phone. (Learn how to: http://support.caremonkey.com/messaging-sms-and-email/help-for-administrators/how-does-an-administrator-send-sms-or-text-messages)

  • The push notification receiver (a profile owner, like a parent or guardian) needs the latest version of the CareMonkey app (You can learn how to do this here: http://support.caremonkey.com/mobile-apps/help-for-users/how-to-download-the-app)
  • The Push Notifications feature needs to be turned on for the organisation/school that you're apart of. ¬†This can be done by the organisation Admin requesting it be turned on via CareMonkey Support.
  • For iOS users, they need to ensure they 'Allow CareMonkey to send notifications':


Sending a Push Notification to a user can be done from 3 areas within CareMonkey Admin:

  • Editing an eForm
  • Editing a ¬†Group

After clicking on 'Send Push Notification', a popup will open up and ask you to provide the message you would like to send.

Provide your message and click on the 'Preview' button, and then 'Send'.

Once that is done, registered users should receive a push notification on their mobile device.

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