Certain medical conditions such as Asthma and Allergies (anaphylaxis) require the addition of an attached treatment plan. If you do not have a pdf copy readily available to complete the profile, you can now use your smartphone to take a picture of it and have it uploaded, then converted to a pdf.

1. Log in to CareMonkey on your smartphone

2. Go to the profile you want to upload a file for

3. Click Edit on the Medical Conditions section.

4. Scroll down to the specific medical condition and click Edit.

5. Click on Choose file.

6. Your phone's default options will appear (an iPhone screen is displayed below). Please select Take Photo or Video.
Note: If you've already saved the picture of the document on your phone, please select Choose Existing.

7. Take a picture of the document, click Use Photo, and click Update. Uploading speed depends on the resolution of your camera (data charges may apply).

8. Once you have consented the new changes, you'll see that the attachment now displays within the Full Profile view

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