Staff Carers (i.e., teachers, club coaches, team managers, supervisors, etc.) can easily call or send a text message to their assigned members when using the mobile application.


1. Tap on the name of the Group or eForm.

2. Tap SMS this Group.

3. Different options (All, Profile Received, Profile Pending, and Custom) can be used when sending a text message. Choosing the Custom option will allow the staff carer to choose the members whom the text messages will be sent to.

4. Scroll down to compose your message and simply tap Send Message to send. You may also fill out the "Send From" box to receive replies directly from the eForm members or recipients of the SMS.


  • Sending an SMS or a text message is being controlled by the administrator. If the settings were set not to allow the staff carers to send any SMS, this feature will not be available for the staff carers to use.
  • Due to standardised communications protocol of SMS (Short Message Services) technology, staff carers can only send a maximum of 160 characters per text message. A maximum of three text messages can be sent at a time. 
  • The SMS credits will show the available credits that were purchased by the organisation. If there are no credits available anymore, kindly get in touch with your administrator to purchase an SMS package. This can be done only by the administrator. Instructions on how to purchase SMS package can be seen here: How does an Administrator add SMS credits to the account? 


1. Select a profile from the eForm or group.

2. Tap on the phone number and it will prompt if you would like to dial it.


  • All phone numbers shown in the mobile application can be used to call the emergency and emergency contacts.
  • Phone calls and charges will be charged to the mobile number that is being used when making the call. 

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