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SMS Key Points

  • CareMonkey allows the administrators to easily send SMS messages (text messages) in a number of ways.
  • SMS messages are charged at 12.1 cents each (including GST) and can be purchased from the Tools menu. Please see this article for more details.
  • You can set a reply mobile phone number so people can reply to you directly or you can include a "No Reply" group name.

How to send SMS messages

There are three different ways to send SMS messages (text messages).

1. Sending to a group or eForm: From the main administration screen, click the three horizontal lines of a group or eForm you want to send the message to.

´╗┐Then click Send SMS Message to Group or Send SMS Message to eForm member.

2. You can send an SMS message to an individual parent by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon on a profile, then selecting Send SMS Message under the carer's details.

3. Sending to selected profiles only
If you need to send an SMS message to just a few Care Profiles only Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) who, for example, have not replied to an eForm or Profile Request you can select those profiles and choose SMS Message Selected Profiles from the Action menu at the top of the screen. Example below shows how to send an SMS to profiles that have not responded on January 2016 Camping eForm.

Click anywhere on an eForm (except for the two icons).

Select No Response from the Filter Profiles drop-down.

Choose Select all Profiles from the Actions drop-down.

Select SMS Message Selected Profiles from the Actions drop-down.

Using any of the three ways to send an SMS, type your SMS message in the Content box, Fill in the Sent From box (optional), and click Preview.

Click Send Message.

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