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Administrators can now add a custom message to profile request email notifications. This is what the profile owners will see when they receive the CareMonkey emails from the organisation asking them to sign up and create a CareMonkey profile.

Please note that this "Custom Welcome Message" will be added to the default CareMonkey template.

Here are the instructions on how to add Custom Welcome Message.

  1. Go to Tools > Organisation Settings.

2. Type in the Custom welcome message you wanted to add. We also enabled the ability to add hyperlinks if needed. 

3. Click the Save button.

4. If you want to see how the email will look like when the profile owners receive it, please go back to Tools > Organisation Settings, and then click the Preview Request Emails button. 

4. For the example above, here's how it's going to look like when the profile owners view the email.

5. If you don't enter any message in the "Custom Welcome Message" box, the default CareMonkey email template will be shown to the profile owners.

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