This is a list of common tasks that will make your life using CareMonkey at a sports club easier.

How do I stop someone receiving the profile request emails?

Firstly, we recommend explaining to them that the profile request emails are sent so that medical information is available on match day for the player. This is really important in case of an accident or injury.

If they still wish to not receive the emails, you need to manage the profile locally

What do I do with players who are no longer at the club?

Archive them. Please note, that if they are still part of the SportsTG system they may reappear. In this case, they need to be removed from that organisation as well.

What do I do with my teams from last year?

Archive them. This will then clear up the groups section for the new teams that will be imported from SportsTG.

How do I give trainers access to my team's care information?

First you need to add them in to the Group Carers. Then you add them into the necessary groups.

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