This article is for users who have previously been using CareMonkey synchronised with SportsTG/FSP.

Follow these steps to be ready for a new season.

  1. Use SportsTG/FSP to manage player registrations and assign players to teams. An automatic sync will bring those teams and players into CareMonkey.
  2. Review all groups and archive any groups that are no longer relevant. Before archiving these groups, you should ensure that they have no players.
  3. Review players in CareMonkey and archive any players who are no longer at the club. Instructions here.
  4. Review/update administrators who need access at each club. Here are the instructions to Add or Remove administrators.
  5. Review/update the email footer details that are used at each club to send reminders. Instructions here.
  6. Review/update the team officials (coach, team manager, trainer) for each team at each club. See how to delete officials no longer required. To add new officials follow these instructions.
  7. Assign the team officials to their respective teams by following these instructions.
  8. Ensure messaging is turned on so players, officials and administrators receive messages from CareMonkey. Here's how to turn on messaging for Participants. It's exactly the same process to turn on messaging for Officials (staff carers).

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