Firstly, you will need to export the required data from the SportsTG system into spreadsheets which can be imported into CareMonkey. You will need two spreadsheets - one for the players and one one for the team officials (staff, coaches, team managers, etc). 

CareMonkey supports the following spreadsheet formats, .xls, .xlsx or .csv. A .csv spreadsheet can be generated from the SportsTG Online System. SportsTG provides various reports including an ‘Advanced Member Report’ that will allow you to collate any or all information that is collected from your members on your registration form. You will need a SportsTG Passport login to access your SportsTG Online Membership Database - If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association.

Step 1. Create your spreadsheets (one for players and one for team officals)

Login to your SportsTG Membership Database and use the ‘Report Manager’ to generate your spreadsheet. The ‘Advanced Member Report’ can be found in the ‘Reports’ menu under ‘Members’. Instructions on how to use the ‘Report Manager’ are available from the online SportsTG Support Centre, here.

The following data is required for CareMonkey to create member profiles.

1. Player First name (required)
2. Player Last name (required)
3. Profile ID (optional - this is the player Member ID)
4. Profile Owner email address (required - this is the person you want to collect the           information from. eg the Parent/Guardian of a child or if the player is an adult then       their own email address)
5. Profile Owner mobile number (required - this is the person you want to collect the         information from. eg the Parent/Guardian of a child or if the player is an adult then       their own mobile number)
6. Notification Only Email Address (optional - this is another person you'd like to send       notifications to but they will not be asked to complete the details - eg. another               parent).
7. Group Name 1 (optional - eg. Under 12 Blue)
8. Group Name 2 (optional - eg. another Team or Department)
9. Group Name 3 (optional - eg. another Team or Department)

Note: Using the ‘Advanced Member Report’ you will need to find the corresponding fields in your SportsTG Membership Database. 

To build your report to export player information, drag the desired fields from selected categories onto the ‘Selected Fields’ area. Make sure that the fields correctly represent the information required by CareMonkey above. For example,

When you are happy with the report, choose the ‘Email’ option for ‘Report Output’ and ‘CSV’ as the spreadsheet format. Enter your email address for the spreadsheet to be sent to. 

Depending on which fields you selected the spreadsheet should look something like this,

Or this if you added a second notification email contact,

There should only be one row per person. You may need to massage the spreadsheet to get the data into the correct format. For example, if you see multiple rows for the same person it could be because,

  1. A duplicate record in which case you can delete it, or
  2. The person belongs to more than one team or group. You will need to merge these rows into one by adding extra columns for the number of groups the person belongs to. For example, 

Here there are three rows for Christopher because he plays for 3 teams. CareMonkey requires that all three teams must appear in the one row for Christopher as shown below.

In this example above, CareMonkey will create the groups - Team A, Team B, Team C and will allocate,

  • Christopher Smith to 3 groups - Team A, Team B, Team C.
  • Peter Brown to one group - Team B
  • Sam Carter to 2 groups - Team A and Team C
  • Etc.

Repeat this process to create a spreadsheet for team officials. The information you export may be different to that of players.

Step 2: Upload spreadsheets to CareMonkey

Once you have your spreadsheets follow these instructions to import them into CareMonkey, 

For Players: How does an Administrator Import the data from a spreadsheet/existing systems?


For Team Officials/Staff Carers: How does an Administrator add Multiple Staff Carers?

Extra Notes: When importing the spreadsheet you will be asked to choose column headings. For example, using the sample spreadsheet from this article below, the column headings will be as those listed below.

CareMonkey Column Heading Name = My spreadsheet column name

First Name = First Name
Last Name = Family Name
Profile ID = Member ID
Email = Email
Mobile number = Telephone Number (Mobile)
Secondary email = Email2
Group Name 1 = Team Name

Group Name 2 = Team 2
Group Name 3 = Team 3

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