Ideally, every time CareMonkey releases the latest sync version, it should automatically update file installed on the server. If, for some reason, it failed to update by itself, the following steps will help fix the issue. Please note that the steps need to be done in the Admin Server where the sync file was saved. The organisation's IT guy will be able to do this.

  1. Download the latest sync file here.
  2.  Overwrite the caremonkeysync.exe in c:\caremonkey with the latest sync file downloaded.
  3. Run the command prompt as an administrator.
  4. Type cd c:\caremonkey and press enter to go to c:\caremonkey
  5. Type caremonkeysync.exe --stop-service to stop all instances of the CareMonkey services that may be running at the background.
  6. Type caremonkeysync.exe --sync to run the latest sync file.
  7. Type caremonkeysync.exe --start-service to start the service to run automatically every two hours.

If the steps below didn't work, please send us a message via our live chat tool or send an email to

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