SAS2000 is a Windows-based school administration system featuring advanced functionality, with a user-friendly interface and multi-user licensing. CareMonkey can integrate the information that is present in the school's SAS2000.

Sometimes, an issue would happen wherein there are two or more children from the same family that is entered in SAS2000, and one of the children doesn't sync with an email address of either of the parents. 

The following are the items that need to be checked to solve this issue: 

  1. The "residential guardian" of any contact in the "Relationship" tab is not ticked.
  2. There is no email address associated with any of the contacts for one of the children.
  3. The email address was saved using a different contact information (e.g. "Mobile number" was used for the email address instead of using "Email Address".)

Please check the possible points of failure above to fix this issue and make the necessary changes in SAS2000. Once changes have been made, the issue will be fixed on CareMonkey when the next sync happens. If the problem still exists, please contact CareMonkey Support Team via the live chat tool or send an email to

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