CareMonkey offers integration for SAS2000 and Synergetic. Once the integration is set up, it syncs the data back to the organisation's CareMonkey account.

If the integration is not fully set up, please refer to any of these articles on how this can be done. Please follow steps 1 or 2.

To bring all the information that was picked up by integration to the organisation's CareMonkey home page, please follow these steps. 

1. Click the Settings icon on the lower left corner.

2. Choose Sync Options on the left-hand side menu.

3. Click Select Profiles.

4. Tick the Check All box or choose the members you want to ask a profile from. 

5. Click the Update box on the lower right side of the page.

6. Do the same for Select Groups and Select Staff, and choose the groups and staff carers you want to bring onto the home page. 

7. Finally, click the Sync Now button. 

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