CareMonkey and SportsTG have built an integration allowing all of your players and teams to be automatically imported into your CareMonkey system. This sync occurs regularly and keeps players and teams up to date.

 Behaviour of integration:

  • Everyday, all players in FSP are automatically synchronised with CareMonkey 
  • If there is no existing profile with that ID then a new profile is created
  • If a player is removed from FSP it is kept in CareMonkey except the cloud icon is removed and it is removed from all cloud icon sub groups
  • If a new player is added in FSP then it is re-linked with any CareMonkey profile with the same FSP ID, thus retaining injury reports, private notes, etc.
  • If you archive a member out of CareMonkey and they are still in FSP then they will be re-added the next day (but will have lost their history)
  • Only players are transferred from STG into CareMonkey, not any other officials such as coaches.


  • Only archive profiles in CareMonkey when you are sure they will never be needed again in STG
  • If a parent/player does not wish to use CareMonkey an administrator can mark the profile as "Managed Locally" in CareMonkey and they will no longer receive emails, etc.
  • If an admin wants to “override” the email address a profile is requested from they edit the profile and enter the new address in “Override Email” field

Set Up Instructions

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