CareMonkey allows organisations to export and generate injury reports that were submitted by the staff members. This article includes the step-by-step instructions how to do this.

Exporting and Generating Injury Reports through the Group

1. Please hover your mouse over the group icon and click the menu icon. Choose View/Edit Group Details.

2. Click on the Export Injury Reports button.

3. Set the range of dates by clicking the Start Date and End Date boxes, and then click on the Export button.

4. It will export a .xls file that will allow any admin to sort the data. 

Exporting and Generating Injury Reports through the Reports Menu Group

1. Click the Reports/Archives icon.

2. Click Generate Report on the left-hand side menu.

3. Select Injuries in the first column and tick either (a) All or (b) Set the start date and Set injury end date. Click the Display button. For this example, we will set a start and end date.

4. It will display all the injury reports.

5. To print the page using Google Chrome, right click anywhere on the page and select Print

6. If you need to save a .pdf copy of all the Injury Reports, right click on any part of the page, choose Print, and look for the Save button. Please specify the destination where you want to save the. pdf file by clicking on the Change button.

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