Some Organisations will require the Staff Members to create and share their profiles. An Administrator can authorise a certain Staff Member or Staff Members to view the profiles of the others. This would be applicable when the Staff Members will be joining events, camps, activities or excursions. 

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Staff section by clicking the Staff icon on the left hand side.

2. In the Staff section, we will assign a Staff Member or Staff Members to a group that you have created. If you have not created a group yet, you can refer to this article: How does an Administrator create groups (Drag and Drop/Manual)?.

3. Hover your mouse over the group icon and click the menu icon. Choose View/Edit Group Details.

4. Choose Assign Staff on the left-hand side menu.

5. Select the Staff Members you'd like to add to the Group then click Save. You may select as many Staff Members as necessary.

NOTE: An email will be sent to the Staff Member that he/she has been assigned responsibility to a group.

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