This article details the steps that the administrators can follow to archive the existing groups of the organisation's CareMonkey account. This is very handy during roll-over for schools or if the organisation simply wants to create new sets of groups.

Please note that the steps below will only archive the groups and not the profiles.  

1. Log in to CareMonkey

2. Click Reports/Archives.

3. Click Archive Multiple Groups.

4. Select the groups you would like to archive by ticking the boxes in the "Archive Group" column, then click the button.


  • If there's a need to archive the profiles that are part of the group, please tick the boxes in the "Archive Profiles" column. 
  • Please be careful on archiving any group or profiles because the process is irreversible

4. When you're ready to archive the group, you will be asked to confirm and enter your CareMonkey password again to proceed. Click the Confirm button to continue archiving the group.

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