Administrators can add a "sub-group" under a group. Adding a sub-group allows the organisation to easily locate the profiles that are already part of a group.

To add a sub-group, please follow these steps.

1. Log in to your CareMonkey account.

2. At the lower left part of the Administrator home page, please go the "Groups" section and click Add.

3. Fill out the "Group Name", and choose the timezone. For the "Parent" field, click the drop-down menu and choose the name of the existing group where the sub-group will be added. On this example, let's add a "Class 1B" sub-group under Year 1. Then, click Save.

4. At the "Groups" section, a small arrow will show up next to a group to indicate that there is a sub-group under that particular parent group.

5. Clicking on the group will show all the members of the group and the sub-groups.

6. To assign the profiles to a sub-group, click the profiles (it will turn to dark green) and drag them over onto the sub-group.

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