Administrators can generate a report of Care Profiles based from the eForm response status. For example, an eForm about a school excursion or a company outing or a club's competition has been sent out. A report can be generated to filter a specific eForm response status.

Below are the steps on how to do it.

1. Click anywhere on an eForm.

2. You will now see all the profiles the eForm was sent to. Click No Filter on the upper right side of the page (below the search bar) to see the filter options.

3. A list of filter options will be shown. 

4. For this example, we will filter those Care Profiles that a permission has been given to the eForm. A list of profiles will be shown.     

5. On the upper left side, click the Actions drop-down menu and choose Select All

6. Click the Actions drop-down menu again and choose Report for Selected Profiles.

7. The Report page will show up. Choose the type of report you want to generate then click on the Display button.

NOTE: Red or incomplete profiles will not show up on the list of the names available.

8. You can now view the selected reports. To print, right click anywhere on the screen and select Print or press ctrl + P (or cmd + P on a Mac) on your keyboard.

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