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"Profiles tagged without a group" in an eForm is when you manually add a student to an eForm. 

The screenshot below shows an example of profiles without a tagged group. All students from Group A has been added in the Year 6 Camping eFrom. Profiles under Profiles without a tagged group are those that were not part of Group A. They belong to other groups and have been added manually to the eForm (dragging the profile and adding it to the eForm).

To remove the Profiles without a tagged group and sort this profiles into their existing group, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the three horizontal lines on the eForm

2. Click on Sort Profiles into Groups on the right side of the eForm Menu.

3. A pop-up window similar to below will appear. Click on Check All and then Save.

4. Once done, all profiles will now be part of their respective group.

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