Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) will continue to receive Email or SMS notifications for the following reasons: 

  • An account and profile hasn't been created yet.
  • An account has been created but no profile hasn't been created.
  • An account has been created but the profile is incomplete.
  • An account has been created, a profile has already been completed, but it hasn't been shared with the Organisation yet.  
  • An account has been created and a profile has been completed, but no prompt to share the profile with the Organisation.

The following articles will help you to stop receiving these profile request notifications: 

In the event that the email address used to sign up is different with the email address where the Profile Owners are receiving the profile request notifications from, these two options will help solve this issue:


  • If the member (i.e. students, club members, participants, employees, etc.) is no longer connected to the Organisation, or if you have received the Profile Request by mistake, kindly reach out to the Organisation's Administrators and ask them to delete or remove the Profile Request from their end. CareMonkey Support Team will not be able to perform this action as we don't have access to the Organisation's CareMonkey account.
  • If none of the suggestions above didn't work, please send an email to or chat with us via the Live Chat tool. Our Support Team will be able to figure out the next steps to solve the issue.
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