Once an eForm or a Care Profile has been archived, only the Organisation’s CareMonkey Administrator can view the details. Staff Carers (i.e., teachers, club coaches, team managers, supervisors, etc.) won’t be able to access the information when an eForm or a Care Profile has been archived.

1. As an Administrator, the archives can be seen by clicking on Reports/Archives.

2. Then select View Member/Student Archives or View Staff Archives.

The following information will be available:

Archived Groups

  • List of members added to the group
  • Staff Member assigned to the group

Archived eForms

  • List of members the eForm was sent to.
  • eForm responses submitted by the Profile Owners.

Archived Profile

  • All the details of an archived profile, but it won't show any eForms that the Profile Owner has responded to. To view the Profile Owner's response to an eForm that was sent to the member, this can be viewed by checking the the archived eForm.
  • Roll call Reports (if there's any)
  • Different versions of the profile, based on the date when it was created or updated by the Care Profile Owner.
  • Emails that were sent to the Care Profile Owner regarding this Care Profile.


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