The following scenarios are good examples where the administrators need to manage a Care Profile on behalf of the Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.). 

  1. Profile owner doesn't have an internet access (for those who are living in remote areas where internet access isn't available).
  2. Profile owner is not tech-savvy or doesn't know how to use computers or browse the internet.
  3. Profile owner has a medical condition or disability that would prevent them from filling out a CareMonkey profile.

The following steps can be done by the organisation for these scenarios.

  1. The administrator will need to ask the users to sign a paper consent form that also give them consent to add their details to a CareMonkey account.  
  2. Once the consent has been received, create a profile under an administrators account (like the administrator would for their own child). Enter all the details on the paper form onto the CareMonkey account. Please refer to this article: How does a User create a Care Profile? (With an existing account)
  3. Upload an image or PDF of the signed paper consent form as a Private note to their profile (that way you have proof of the signature, and their details are easily still accessible for carers). Please refer to this article: How does an Administrator add Private Notes?
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