As an Administrator of an Organisation, you can also provide an Administrator access to your colleagues or Staff Members without having to compromise the security of sharing passwords. 

NOTE: Giving an Administrator access to your Staff Members will allow them to make the necessary changes in your account (adding and archiving profiles, archiving groups and eForms, configuring the basic and advanced settings, etc.), so please only give the access to the Organisation's key personnel. 

1. On the Home page, go to Settings

2. Click Administrators.

3. Click on Add an Administrator button.

4. Enter the email address of the new Administrator and click Create Administrator Request.  

4. An alert will confirm that an email has been sent out to the new Administrator. The new Administrator will receive an email asking him to sign up. Once done, he'll be able to access the Administrator page of the Organisation's CareMonkey account.

5. The list of Pending Administrator Requests at the bottom of the page will give you an idea who hasn't created a CareMonkey account yet. To go back to this page, please follow steps 1-2.

6. To revoke an Administrator's access, simply click on the red X icon and then click OK.

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