After signing up your Organisation's account in the CareMonkey system, you will be presented with the CareMonkey Administrator Home Page. You will notice that there are no profiles yet. Don't worry! We'll show you how to upload profiles in a separate article.  

First, let's get your organisation set up by going to Settings

Kindly go through all the fields and make sure all information entered is correct. 

NOTE: Only the Administrator name, Administrator title, and Administrator email will be shown as the signature to all email notifications sent to Care Profile Owners. 

Organisation Name: This is already filled out during registration.

Organisation Type: 'Organisation Type' is a field on the Settings page that changes certain terminology in CareMonkey when using the system. For more information see this article.

Choose from any of the following that applies to your Organisation.
     - Business
     - Childcare
     - Club (non-sport)
     - Community Group
     - Disability Services
     - Education
     - Outdoor Group
     - Sport
     - Other
Currency: Choose the correct currency for your account.

Timezone: Choose the correct timezone.

Additional Settings: 

Allow Staff Carers to create eForms: Tick this box to let Staff Members create eForms that they can send to the groups they are assigned to. Please note that only the Administrators can enable the eForms that the Staff Members have created.

Allow Staff Carers to send SMS messages: Tick this box to let Staff Members send SMS messages to the groups they are assigned to.

Allow Staff Carers to send Email: Tick this box to let Staff Members send emails to the groups they are assigned to.

Allow roll calls: Tick this box if you will allow your Staff Members to do roll call reports. 

Allow Injury Reporting?: Turn this on if you will let the Staff Members to log an accident using the injury reports. This will also affect Administrator's access.

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