Medical Form is designed to customise your Group Settings and include more questions in a care profile.

Log in to Care Monkey as an Administrator and click the 3 horizontal lines on the Medical form.

There are six sections of the Medical form.

1. Member Selection 

Administrators can now control which profiles should have medical information.

2. Frequency care profiles should be updated

3. Questions to ask

These are the questions that are being asked from a parent or a carer when they fill out a care profile. The screenshot below shows the default options for Australian organisations.

  • You can add/remove the questions by ticking and unticking the boxes before the profile question. 
  • You can also edit the number of required emergency contact/s by entering a number in the box.

4. Optional Action Plan Collection

You can make collecting of Action plan for Asthma and Anaphylaxis mandatory.

5. Other Options

6. Preferred Action Plans

Preferred Asthma Action Plan: Upload any preferred and recommended generic Asthma action plan (if applicable). 

Preferred Anaphylaxis Action Plan: Upload any preferred and recommended generic Anaphylaxis action plan (if applicable). 

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