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If you have the Staff Carers' (i.e., teachers, team coaches, trainers, supervisors) information available in a spreadsheet, you can import it all at once rather than repeating the process for each carer. 

You'll need to prepare a spreadsheet with the people you want to add as carers.

Instructions for the spreadsheet are here

When you have your spreadsheet upload it by following these steps:

1. Click the Add button in the Staff Carers section

2. Select Import Multiple Staff Carer Requests

3. Click on Choose File and find the spreadsheet you wish to upload. Click on Select Columns.

4. Select the appropriate column headings from the drop-down boxes along the top of the screen, making sure that they match the information provided in those columns.

5. Click Import and Send Request

6. You will be taken to the following success screen once the import has completed.

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