Staff carers (i.e., teachers, team coaches, trainers, supervisors) can create a CareMonkey account so they can access the care profiles. Only administrator can invite staff carers.

To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the Add button that can be found in the Staff Carer section (lower right of the page). Then, click Add single staff carer request

2. Type in the Staff Carer's name and email address. Mobile number and profile ID are optional.

4. Select the frequency of the email reminder to notify the staff member to create an account in the Send Reminder Emails drop-down.

Optional: You may assign the Staff Carer to groups and eForms on this page. This can also be done after the request was sent. Please see this article.

Step 5. Click Save & Send Invitation

Important reminders:

  • The staff carers will receive an email to sign up for a free account. They must click the link to sign up. 
  • The staff carer must download the free app from iTunes or Google play.
  • Once everything is completed, they can now log in and view the groups or eForms they are assigned to.

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