Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) sometimes need to edit the details in the Emergency Contacts section. The common issue that you may get is not being able to edit the email address field because it's greyed out.

Why is this happening? 

When the relationship you select is the same with what you indicated in Personal Details section, the email address will automatically populate with the email address you're using for your CareMonkey account when you choose the same relationship in the Emergency Contacts section.

In the "Emergency Contacts", if "Mother" is used as the contact's relationship, the Profile Owner's email address will automatically populate.

Below are the steps on how this can be fixed:

  • If there's a need to change your email address in the Emergency Contacts AND you are the Profile Owner, you can change by going to My Account > Change My Email. Please check this article: How does a User change the email address?.
  • If the emergency contact person is NOT the Profile Owner, please do not use the same relationship that was used by the Profile Owner in the "Personal Details" section. Kindly use a different relationship in the emergency contacts. Alternatively, you can also change the relationship of the Profile Owner in the "Personal Details" (e.g., change it from "Mother" to "Parent") so that you can use the "Mother" in the "Emergency Contacts" and include a different email address. 

For further assistance, kindly reach out to CareMonkey support via email ( or through our live chat tool.

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