Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) can transfer the ownership of a profile to another carer. Please do the following steps:

1. Click the Profile name or photo.

2. Click Transfer.

3. Enter the email address of an existing user and the relationship of the user you would like to transfer the profile to and click Transfer.

If the user does not exist in the CareMonkey system, a red X will be shown.

If the user is already registered to CareMonkey, a green check mark will appear.

4. An email will be sent to inform the user that you have requested they take control of the profile.

5. When the other user logs in, they'll see the request sitting on their screen.

6. You will be informed when the user either accepts or rejects the transfer.

NOTE: If the new owner wants to share the person's profile with the original owner, this can only be done after the transfer of ownership is completed. If it's already completed, the new owner can then share the person's profile by following the instructions in this article.

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