If an attachment (usually an action plan) is no longer valid, or just needs to be deleted, the Care Profile Owner (i.e., parent, adult club member, adult participant, employee, etc.) can remove it from a medical condition (e.g. Asthma) by doing the following:

1. Log in through the CareMonkey App or a web browser, and click on the name or photo of the Profile.

2. Scroll down and click Edit across the Safety Alerts section.

3. Click the x button beside the "View Attachment" link of the medical condition. Click the "View Attachment" link first to view the attachment to be sure that you're removing the right file.

4. Click OK to confirm.

5. A message will appear for a few seconds confirming the deletion of the attachment.

6. Clicking Save and Continue will take you to the Consent page.

7. As a change has been made to the Care Profile, you will need to re-consent, confirm that the profile has been changed and that the medical information contained within is up-to-date.

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