The order of the emergency contacts in a profile is important because it can used as the basis of some Organisations or the person in charge on who to contact first in case of emergency. In this article, we'll discuss how Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) can modify its sequence. Please see the steps below:

1. Click the name of the profile.

2. Scroll down to the Emergency Contacts section and click Edit.

3. Below the Position column, you can move an emergency contact one step to your desired direction by clicking the Up and Down buttons.

4. Click the Continue button to save the changes.

5. After clicking Continue, You'll be taken to the Consent page. As a change has been made to the Care Profile, you will need to re-consent to confirm that the profile has been changed and that the information contained within is up-to-date.

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