When a medical condition is not listed in the standard medical profile, users can add non-listed medical conditions and disabilities in the 'Other Conditions/Disabilities' section. 

To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the name of the Profile.


3. Select the required condition or disability from the Add Other Medical Conditions/Disabilities drop-down menu. If the condition you are looking for is not there, please scroll to the bottom of the list and select Other (You will be able to enter a custom condition, such as 'Head Trauma - ongoing' ). Click Save and Continue once done. You can see this spreadsheet for the list of conditions.

4. Fill out any information about the condition on the form and attach a file if needed. Click Update to save the changes.

5. You'll be taken to the Consent section. As a change has been made to the Care Profile, you will need to re-consent to confirm that the profile has been changed and that the medical information contained within is up-to-date.

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