Important Note:
If a member or parent simply does not want to complete the medical form, then DO NOT use the managed locally function. Refer to the article  How does an Administrator allow a member or a parent to respond to an eForm without creating a care profile? This will allow the user to opt out of the medical form but still use CareMonkey to receive other forms and messages (for example to obtain consent for excursions and trips).

Managing a Profile Locally means that CareMonkey isn't going to be used at all by a specific member or parent and they will receive no further emails, sms or requests to complete eForms. (You can also use this in preparing a profile for future use).

To disable all messaging to a parent or member follow these steps:

1. Click the three horizontal lines icon on a Profile.

2. Click Edit Member or  View/Edit member Request.

3. Tick the Manage this profile locally (use only if CareMonkey will not be used for this profile) and click Save.

Note: The profile colour will turn to yellow. You can click here to find out more about the profile colours.

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