The Administrator/Organisation is in control regarding which parent is requested to complete a Medical Form (Care Profile). This parent is known as the Profile Owner.

A second parent can also be added as a ‘notification only’ parent. Please check this article on how to do this: How does an Administrator add a Secondary Email Address for Notifications?

This second user will receive email notifications but will not be able to edit the Care Profile or respond to eForms unless the Profile Owner gives them ‘View and Modify access’. Please check this article on how the Profile Owner can do this:  How Does a User Share a Profile with a Second Parent or Carer.

To cater for situations where the Profile Owner refuses to share with the other parent, some Organisations such as schools, have implemented policies within their school that the Profile Owner must give ‘view and modify access’ to the other parent unless there is a court order that would deny the other parent access to such information. 

Further, that if the Profile Owner does not comply, then the school can change which parent is the Profile Owner. This simple policy works well and ensures that dual access to CareMonkey is provided.  

NOTE: It is strongly suggested NOT to create two requests for Care Profiles (one for the mother and another one for the father) as this may create conflicting medical information and emergency contact details.

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