This guide will show how the school's administrators prepare for a new school year by importing the new list of students and archiving the old information.

Process Overview

A typical roll-over for a new year involves two basic steps listed below.  These steps do not necessarily have to happen at the same time and, in particular, step 2 will usually happen just after the new year starts.  In addition, some steps can occur multiple times as new information is entered into your Student Administration System.

  1. Archive the group, eForms, and students' profiles that are leaving the school
  2. Update the existing students, import the new students, and assign all the profiles to their respective groups.

STEP 1: Archive the groups, eForms, and students' profiles that are leaving the school

The process of archiving students' profiles, groups and eForms moves them into the Archive section. These will no longer be available for viewing by teachers or other staff on their mobile devices or via the website interface. Only the CareMonkey administrators can view the archived data.

These steps are only done once and must be performed carefully as once you archive a student profile, the connection between the parent and the school is severed. 

For the new year you will typically need to:

  • Archive the previous year groups (e.g. Year 12, Class 02B, Choir Group)
  • Archive the old eForms (e.g. Year 7 Basketball Match)
  • Archive the students' profiles that have left the school (e.g. students' profiles in Year 12) 

Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Reports/Archive.

2. Then, go to Archive Multiple Groups.

3. The next page will show all the group names, # of profiles in each group, and the eForms created.  Tick the box next to the group name, profiles, and eForms to archive.

NOTE: For the example above, we are going to archive the following:

  • Year 12 group and all the profiles assigned to this group
  • Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, and Year 11 groups only. The profiles in these groups will NOT be archived. 
  • Year 7 Basketball Match eForm

3. Click the Confirm Archive button to proceed. 

4. The next page will show the summary of what will be archived. Please review the list. Once confirmed, please type your password in the box on the lower left side of the page, and then click the on the lower right side of the page.

STEP 2: Update the existing students, import the new students, and assign all the profiles to their respective groups.

This step enables the school to do the following:

  • start collecting the required emergency and medical details for students who are yet to start at the school, and assign these new students to their groups
  • update the existing profiles and add them to their new groups

This step is typically done several months before the new year starts (when the school knows about the new students). This gives the parents of new students plenty of time to enter the required details.  It can also be repeated multiple times as new students are enrolled.

To perform this step, you will need to export an Excel or a CSV spreadsheet from your administration system containing just complete list of the students.  The spreadsheet must contain the following data for each student:

  1. The Students' full names (or separate fields for first and last names)
  2. The Students' IDs
  3. The parents' email addresses
  4. The parents' mobile phone numbers (optional)
  5. Names of the groups of the students (New Students 2015, Year 7, Year 9, Class 12B, etc.) 

An example is below:

Once you have a spreadsheet in this format, follow the steps for creating the new care profile requests here: How does an Administrator Import the data from a spreadsheet/existing systems?

The CareMonkey system will now start to send profile request messages to the primary carer asking them to complete the health and safety details for the student. It will also update the existing CareMonkey profiles and add them to their new groups.

Note: Should you need to assign a profile to more than three groups, you may follow the format below:

In the example above, John Smith will be added to the following groups: 1st Group, 2nd Group, 3rd Group, 4th Group, and 5th Group. Please make sure that the details on the first four columns (name, profile ID, email address and mobile number) are the same to avoid creation of duplicate profiles.

For further assistance in doing the roll over, please reach out to CareMonkey Support Team via email - or through the Live Chat feature. 

For schools using the CareMonkey integration with SAS2000 or Synergetic, please refer to this article: How does an Administrator do the Roll-Over Process for Schools With Integration?

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