There are two ways to change the email address of a pending Profile Request that is integrated with SAS2000 or Synergetic.

1. Syncing the updated email address in SAS2000 or Synergetic
2. Overriding the email address

Syncing the updated email address from SAS2000 or Synergetic

The integration is set to sync every two hours. If the email address has been updated in your SAS2000 or Synergetic, please wait for the next sync to happen for the changes to take effect. 

Overriding the email address
You would want to use this option for the following scenarios:

a. If you do not want to wait for the next sync to happen, and if you want CareMonkey to start sending the emails to the new email address

b. If you don't want to change the email address in your SAS2000 or Synergetic but would want to send the profile request to a different email address.

Please follow these instructions.

1. Click on the three horizontal lines icon on a Profile

2. Click View/Edit Member or Edit Member.

3. Type the new email address in the Override email section, and click Save.

By doing either of the two options, the Profile Owner will receive the request email within an hour or two. The Profile Owner can also log in directly to CareMonkey to respond to your request.

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