If a parent does not want to complete the medical form (care profile) an Administrator can use the 'medial-opt-out' tag, enabling the parent to continue to use CareMonkey without completing the medical form. 

Here are the steps to add the tag:

1. Select the profiles that will be excluded from the Medical Form by clicking on their photos or name.

2. Click Actions at the upper left part of the page and then choose Add manual tags to Selected Members.

3. Enter medical-opt-out on the provided field and then hit Process to apply changes.

The user can now continue to use CareMonkey and respond to other forms with a completed medical form (Care Profile).  

WARNING:  When using the medical-opt-out tag, Organisations must ensure that they make the necessary arrangements to collect the required details and/or consent outside of the CareMonkey application. Users will be able to reply to eForms without a care profile even if the 'Requires up to date Care Profile' feature is used.

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