Currently, CareMonkey only allows profile owners  (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) to upload one file for an action plan per medical condition. If you have multiple files, here are some tips on how you can consolidate them into one PDF file:

Merging multiple PDF files

1. Using the Combine Files feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC by following the steps on this link:

2. Preview (Mac OS X) - Combining several PDF files is possible using Preview. Please follow the steps on this link:

3. Using 3rd-Party Applications - You may search online for 3rd-party applications that can help you in merging multiple PDF files. Below are samples of commonly used applications:
          I. Nitro PDF (software download) -
         II. PDF Merger Free (Mac users) - Search for PDF Merger Free in the Mac App Store.

Note: It will be your own discretion to use a third party software to combine the files.

Merging multiple Images

1. Windows user - You may use the Microsoft Print to PDF feature to combine images into one PDF file by following the steps below:

          a. Open File Explorer and go to the folder where the images are saved. Select all the images you need to merge.
          b. Right click on the selected imaged and select Print from the list.

          c. You will be redirected to the Print Pictures window wherein you can choose Microsoft Print to PDF for the printer. Please also select the appropriate paper size.

          d. Hit Print and you will be asked to create a file name and choose your preferred location. Click Save to apply the changes.

2. Mac user - Use the Preview app in merging the images by following the steps below:          

a. Open the images that you'd like to merge in Preview.

b. If you need to re-order the images, you can drag and drop the thumbnails in the sidebar of the Preview window.

c. Click File and then Print.

d. Review the images if they have the correct orientation and if they are arranged correctly.

e. On the bottom-left corner, please ensure to select Save as PDF.

f. Clicking on Print will ask you to save the file. 

e. Once saved, check the folder you specified and the file should be there. 

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