From time to time, Administrators may have a copy of an action plan that a Care Profile Owner (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.) needs to upload in CareMonkey for medical conditions such as Asthma and Anaphylaxis. When this happens, the Administrator can upload it on behalf of the Care Profile Owner. The Care Profile Owner would then need to approve the attachment before it becomes part of the Care Profile.

There are two ways for an Administrator to upload an action plan for a Safety Alert.

Through the Reports Menu

The "Missing Action Plans" report will highlight any members who have not completed their reporting requirements (typically Asthma & Anaphylaxis).

1. Go to Reports/Archive.

2. Go to Missing Action Plans on the left navigation menu.

3. Click Upload on the corresponding safety alert.

4. A pop-up window will appear where you can upload the attachment.

5. Once it has been successfully uploaded, the pop-up window will close and you will be able to view the attachment you uploaded.

Through the actual profile

This will allow you to upload an attachment for a non-compulsory attachment Safety Alert.

1. Click on the three horizontal lines on a profile to bring up the profile menu.

2.  On the left side, there is an Upload Action Plan button.

3. Select the relevant medical condition and attach the file by clicking on Choose File. Once done, click on Upload.

4. The rest of the process is done by the Care Profile owner. For more information on this, see the Knowledge Base article here

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