When an eForm is created and sent to Care Profile Owners (i.e., parents, adult club members, adult participants, employees, etc.), administrators can configure its settings to allow either the Administrator or the Staff Carer (i.e., teachers, club coaches, team managers, supervisors, etc.) who created the eForm to receive an email notification. 

The email notification will be sent out when:

  • a response is received from the Profile Owner or 
  • a response has been changed by the Profile Owner

The steps below discuss on how to set this email notification in an eForm.

1. Click the three horizontal lines on the eForm.

2. Go to the Settings tab.

3. Scroll down to the Send email notification when an eForm response is submitted or changed to section and click the drop-down menu to see the list. The list will contain all the administrators' names and the staff carer who created the eForm.

Please note

  • By default, it is set to blank which means that no email notification is being sent out to the Administrator or Staff Member who created the eForm.
  • Only one email address can be chosen from the list. You may proceed to Step 4, if you would like to add more email addresses.

4. If you would like add another person that needs to be notified about the submitted responses, you can add the person's email on the "Additional email addresses to notify" field.

Please note

5. Click the Save and Preview button to save the changes.

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