eForms can be used to collect any data required by an organisation. Any paper form can be automated and any data collected including text, images and signatures. 

Examples are:

Schools, scouts, camps, community services and disabilty sector:

  • Permission or consent forms for excursions, field trips and camps, including collection of signatures and payments.
  • Media consent forms, internet usage agreements, etc
  • Notices to parents where parent is required to acknowledge they have read it

Sporting organisations:

  • Consent forms for code of conduct
  • Permission forms for attending sporting events or training camps
  • Media consent and other behavioural agreements


  • Distributing training materials and requesting signatures of completion
  • Distributing policies and requesting signatures of acceptance
  • Collection of onboarding data including bank, tax and other financial details
  • Collection of qualifications, certifications and licences, including images of documents and expiry dates

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