In this article, we'll discuss how an Administrator can remove Care Profiles that belong in a group from an eForm.

Let's say that you're only supposed to add the Group Year 1 to the 2018 Field Trip eForm, but you've accidentally assigned the group Year 2 to it. 

NOTE: This will only work if the profile selection set is Drag and Drop.

Below are the steps on how you can remove the inappropriate Group:

1. Click anywhere in an eForm.

2. Click the No Filter drop-down menu on the upper right side below the search bar.

3. A list of options on how you can filter the profiles will be shown. Choose the group you want to filter. For this example, we need to filter the Year 2 group since we're not going to send the eForm to Year 2.

4. The Care Profiles that belong in the group will now be filtered. 

5. On the upper left side (below the organisation's logo), choose Select all Profiles from the Actions drop-down.  

6. Click the Actions drop-down menu again and choose Remove Selected Profiles from this eForm.  

5. Click Remove to confirm or click Cancel if you don't want to proceed. Please note that only the profiles that belong to a filtered group will be removed. In this case, only those who are part of Year 11 group will be removed. 

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