Two-Step Verification is an extra layer of security recommended for all CareMonkey Administrators and Staff. Two-Step Verification re-confirms your identity by sending an SMS verification code to your cell or mobile phone when you log into CareMonkey on a new device or browser.

Two-Step Verification helps you prevent anyone who might have seen, or guessed your password from accessing your account. Nobody can Sign In without the verification code, and you will be notified by SMS if they try. 

How it works. The SMS verification code will only be sent the first time you sign-in from a new device, or if your browser's cookies have been cleared. 

For example, the first time you sign-in from a new device, CareMonkey will send you a verification code via SMS. After entering this code, CareMonkey will allow you to sign-in from this device without having to enter any further verification codes because it now recognises this device with your CareMonkey account. 

If you try to sign-in to CareMonkey from a different device or your browser cookies have been cleared on the same device, you will be sent another verification code to again authenticate yourself.

How to set-up Two-Step Verification?

1. Click My Account located on the top of the page, and select Two-Step Verification from the drop-down selection. 

2. You will be presented with the page below.      

3. Verify that your mobile number is correct. If it is not, please change it by either clicking the link, or by clicking on My Account and then Edit My Account

4. Enter in the code. It will automatically verify if it is correct.     

5. Finally, click Enable Two-Step Verification and it will be activated.

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